"Have you ever felt like giving up?  Well DON'T, there are a lot of amazing things coming your way.  So...DON'T GIVE UP!  What if I told you, you're almost there?  It may seem like it's over, but it's not.  God is with you."

A motivational book, written when he was 11 years-old, Jiles Clark encourages readers to stay in the game.  The 28-pages of Never Give Up features chapters entitled, "Get There, Why Would You?,  Stay Encouraged, God's Test, Don't Rely, Get Over It, Rest, Wise, Sunny Days and Cloudy Days, Don't Give Up - Good Things Are Coming, End Strong, and Finsh Line."  The author includes scriptural references throughout the book.

Never Give Up, You're Almost There

by Jiles Clark

At a young age Jiles has proven to be a positive and contributing person at school, in church and community.  He was elected president of Student Council at his elementary school and has spoken to audiences in religious and public settings. 

Now 12 years-old, he enjoys basketball, singing, science and golf.

Jiles lives in Texas with his mother, who is publisher of Fort Worth Black News and owner of Madame Publisher Media Services.