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The third week of July will bring a group of dynamic business minds together in Arlington for the 4th Annual Run Women’s Conference.  Hosted by Dr. Cassandra Bradford-Wilson, the event promises to show you “how to annihilate the competition” and calibrate your mind.  FWBN caught up with Dr. Bradford-Wilson and got her input about what she believes will be gained by attendees:
Describe what takes place at Run:
“Run Women’s Conference is a teaching and implementation conference for entrepreneurs and small business owners…even for the “budding” entrepreneur who is looking for accurate and adequate avenues for their business in an attempt of avoiding costly mistakes, mishaps and risks that are associated with business.  Our experts provide information, education, training and ‘tools of the trade’ necessary for any professional to succeed.  We are different, as RWC believes in ‘work life balance.’  We believe you have to be mentally, physically and socially capable of succeeding with a business vision.  As any woman-entrepreneur knows, running a business, running a household, and maintaining a sense of sanity is a balancing act.  Learning how to make specific decisions, building relational currency, and growing a business using technology, social media, systems, and good old-fashion concepts are the keys of mental and professional sanity.”
Can men attend?:
“The Conference is not only for women.  Yes!  Men are welcomed too; as entrepreneurship has no gender.  We do not believe in ‘solo-preneurship.’  In most businesses, there are partners that consist of men as their counterparts.  We understand that entrepreneurship is not gender specific.”

What motivated you to start something like this and what do you hope will be accomplished? 
“Run Women’s Conference was started five years ago as a concept model for women entrepreneurs looking to re-start their lives and careers; however, we are celebrating our third year in existence.  Our hope is for women who are ‘running’ to pick up the children, ‘running’ to orchestrate soccer games or ‘running’ to build a business empire would stop, learn, and know what it takes to build and grow a successful business.  Balance is key. 
Women are that ‘iron that sharpens iron’ and we thrive on emotions and encouragement.  We are the backbone for the success of most Fortune 500 companies and we hope to be a platform for wholeness and success….success by its personal definition.  We hope to reach women across Texas and the nation, making a difference by letting them know that they are not alone - that relational currency is worth every dime!  Building relationships that are lasting, creating collaborative teammates that will cross promote and build together to reach their desire end result…..Legacy!”
Run Conference is held July 21-22, 2017 at Santonye’s Event Center.  For more info:

Women's Conference Focuses On Strategy:  Calibrate & Annihilate

Dr. Cassandra Bradford-Wilson has presented the empowering event several years.  She is also an entrepreneur, owner of an event center in Arlington, Texas.

Debra McCormick’s enthusiastic personality and strong work ethic has led to success in her industry. After working in real estate for more than 22 years, she has expanded her portfolio to include a PMI Property Management franchise – a division of McCormick Realty Services. The venture is also co-owned with her daughter, Shametris “Meme” Moss.
“It is a joy seeing her follow in my footsteps, to grow and excel in the business,” McCormick said.  “She is very outgoing and customer service focused.”
Moss started working for her mother when she was a junior in high school and later received certification from Remington College as a medical assistant.  She briefly spent time in that field and also gained experience in the mortgage servicing industry as an eviction and property preservation specialist. 
Together the mother-daughter team now works to manage residential, commercial and Home Owners Associations for clients.  This involves collecting rents, tenant screening, background checks, property reservation and maintenance with approved repair vendors.  PMI of Greater DFW is one of over 100 Property Management Inc. franchises in the nation and PMI has been named to the 2017 list of the nation’s Top 100 Fastest Growing franchises for four years in a row.
“We take the hassles out of renting and leasing that some landlords may face with tenants,” McCormick explained.
McCormick started out in real estate as an independent agent after leaving the healthcare industry due to layoffs and restructuring of her department in which she managed a team of over 200 employees.  She decided that the timing was right for a career change while looking for a more flexible schedule that allowed her to spend more time with family. At the time she had the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent and two young children. Later she received a broker’s license and now holds the licenses of several other realtors on her team. 
Though college prepared her for a career in food service management and education, helping people find homes won her heart and made her stay in the game.  She has a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in Food Service Management and a master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Education/Allied Health.  
“I love assisting clients with reaching the goal of home ownership and fulfilling their dreams.  It is so gratifying when you can be a part of someone reaching their potential and achieving lifelong dreams and reality,” McCormick shared.
If someone is preparing to purchase their first home, she recommends the following ways to prepare:
“The individual needs to acquire and maintain a good credit score, have job stability, sufficient income for down payment and closing cost, establish and maintain a budget.  They then need to get with a mortgage lender for pre-qualification.  The lender will let them know if and how much home they can afford based on credit, income and debt -to-income ratio.”
While McCormick has excitement about branching out to property management services, she wants clients to know she continues to operate the foundation of her business as well – which is real estate services. 
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Mother & Daughter Team Up to Expand Business